Kiss Is the Most Natural Way to Express Love, Affection and Care Happy Kiss Day to My Loved Ones…

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Sunshine gives us heat,
Rain gives us water,
Wind gives us air to breathe,
And a sweet kiss energizes our relationship.
Happy kiss day !

If a rain drop is compared with a kiss I gift you it with showers If hug is compared with seconds I will spend years If smiles are compared with water
I delighted you with whole sea If love is compared with people I send me and my self HaPpY KiSs DaY…

We get heat from the sun,
and get water from rain,
We breathe through air,
And sweet kiss energize the relationship.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes SMS
Happy Kiss Day

Kiss Day Quotes

  • A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.
  • When women kiss it always reminds one of prize fighters shaking hands.
  • A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.
  • Kisses are like happiness So it is best when shared Happy KISS day…
  • Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.

A blessed KISS is on HEAD
A sweet KISS is on CHEEKS
A passionate KISS is on LIPS
A romantic KISS is on NECK
But seriously
Try it!
Happy Kiss Day.

The most important muscle used while kissing is the orbicularis oris. Depending on the kiss, you can use up to 34 facial muscles – a French kiss, for instance.

Kiss on the Forehead: We’re cute together.
and on the Cheek: We’re friends.
Kiss on the Hand: I adore you. and on the Neck: I want you, now.
Kiss on the Shoulder: You are perfect.
and on the Lips: I LOVE YOU.
Happy Kiss Day My LOVE !

Love is heat.
You are sweet.
When two lips meet.
Love is complete.
Lots of kisses for you on this Kiss Day.

Happy Kiss Day Wishes SMS, Romantic Kissing Messages

If my lips can express my love and feelings So my lips would be on your forever

The science of kissing is called philematology.

Kiss is the most natural way to Express love, affection and care Happy kiss day to my loved ones…

Kissing passionately for 1 minute burns around 26 calories. So make sure you engage in a bit of lip-lock if you’ve had that extra bar of chocolate.

I want to show my love But you did it with only one kiss HAPPY KISS DAY…

Cute & Romantic Kissing Images Pics For Happy Kiss Day

You are sweet than honey.
Pure than milk.
Soft than flower.
Since I have you as my lover,
Come to me near,
I”ll kiss your lips without fear.
U”ll say, having you is treasure & be with me forever.
Happy Kiss Day.

Your lips are said to be at least a hundred times more sensitive than your fingertips. It’s even more sensitive than your genitals! Go figure.

Kiss day Wishes
Kiss day Wishes

I’m with you reading this,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in every kiss.
Happy Kiss Day.

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