Good Morning Sms Hindi Language | शुभ प्रभात Sms हिंदी

Latest Good Morning SMS Messages Hindi Language

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She is hot ! sweet and always Needs A lip 4 kiss Whole world like her ! Whole world is Mad 4 her ! Who ? Who is she ? Do you know ? Answer =Tea Chai piyo Mast jio.. Good morning !!!

Latest Good Morning SMS Messages Hindi Language
Latest Good Morning SMS Messages Hindi Language
ऐ मेरे मालिक!!!
आशीर्वाद की वर्षा करते रहो!
खाली झोलिया सबकी भरते रहो!
तेरे चरणों में सर को
झुका ही दिया है!
गुनाहो की माफ़ी और
दुखों को दूर करते रहो!!
शुक्र है मालिक तेरा,
शुक्र है, शुक्र है,
आप का दिन शुभ एवं मंगलमय हो!
A Beautiful Good Morning Is At Your Door
Step, Awaiting Outside To Enter Into Your
Life & To Make It All The More Beautiful,
It Had With It Sweet Chirping Of The Birds,
Smiling Flowers, Fresh & Pure Due Drops & A
Beautiful Sunshine Are All There Just For You.
आज प्यारी सी सुबह बोली: उठ देख क्या नजारा है,
मैने कहा: रुक पहले उसे SMS भेज दू,
जो इस सुबह से भी प्यारा है…
Good Morning !
Aksar logo ko kehtay suna hai ki, zinda rahy to phir milengy, 
lekin tumse milne ke baad dil ne mehsoos kiya milty rahy to zinda rahenge. GM
Even the smallest of thoughts have the potential to become 
the biggest of successes all you have to do is get up and get going. 
Good morning.

Latest Good Morning SMS Messages Hindi Language

रात का अंधेरा एक ख्वाब लाता है,
दिन का उजाला एक इंतजार लाता है,
आप साथ हो ना हो,
हवा का हर झोंका,
आपका एहसास लाता है..
Good Morning !

Latest Good Morning SMS Messages Hindi | Motivational SMS

Hi, my name is SMS, I travel all across the world. 
My home is mobile. Network is my vehicle. 
My business is to connect people HEARTS and keep them in TOUCH.
Don’t wake up with the regret of
What you couldn’t accomplish
Yesterday.  thinking that you will be
Able to achieve today good morning.

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